Articles for Benita Enoch

Diepsloot children taught water safety after Angel Sibanda’s drowning

Water safety to be part of school curriculum from 2018


News | 25 May 2016

Civil society organisations rally against Zuma

Speakers in Soweto urge people to take to the streets


News | 16 April 2016

Evidence of plague found in rat in Tembisa rubbish dump

No immediate threat to health, say scientists


News | 5 April 2016

Tough questions for Eskom after electrocution of nine-year-old

Earth leakage failed but power supplier blames landlord


News | 1 April 2016

City councillor promises electricity for Zandspruit

But no budget or timeframe has been provided for this


News | 17 March 2016

Meat rots in fridge as Zandspruit electricity connections cut

Angry residents protest again


News | 16 March 2016

Footbridge for river where Angel drowned

Plans approved last November, but bridge will only be built next year


News | 11 March 2016

Health Department to release sex work plan on Friday

But it is unlikely to include provision to decriminalise the trade


Brief | 8 March 2016

Diepsloot residents demand bridge over deadly river

"We call on you to build the footbridge where Angel Sibanda died before your term as mayor ends"


Brief | 7 March 2016

Dozens of children have to cross the river where Angel drowned

Six-year-old died on her way home from school in Diepsloot


News | 1 March 2016

Diepsloot finally gets a police station

It has opened eight years after initial discussions


News | 22 February 2016

Immigrant children denied access to school

Dozens of children in Diepsloot turned away over documentation


News | 15 February 2016

Ambitious project to teach rural people to code

Non-profit is offering a free course to anyone who shows programming aptitude


News | 15 February 2016

Diepsloot’s community of cyclists

Unable to afford public transport, this group of 200 people have opted for pedal power


News | 8 February 2016

Paarl shop bans breastfeeding

โ€œNo eating, drinking, smoking and breastfeeding in the shop pleaseโ€ - window sign


News | 4 February 2016