Copying GroundUp articles

We want our articles to be republished. You are welcome and encouraged to copy nearly any article or photo we publish, so long as:

  • You credit GroundUp.
  • You credit the author(s) or photographer(s).
  • You don't make any substantive edits to the article or photo.

It's also nice if you include a link back to the article or photo on our site.

Failing to credit GroundUp, the authors or photographers is plagiarism. We get very cross when that happens, and there's no good reason to do it.

Nearly all GroundUp articles are published under a Creative Commons license (usually this one). In very rare cases, we publish an article under an exclusive license, in which case you have to ask our permission (or the organisation or person we published with) before republishing. But it's easy to check to the license: every article has the license underneath it.

Unless otherwise stated a photo in an article licensed under a Creative Commons license falls under that license agreement. Sometimes we use third-party photos (usually from Wikipedia), in which case we'll note the license for that photo in the caption. If there's no license indicated in the photo caption, you can assume it's under the same license as the article.