Prasa / Metrorail

Cape Town’s bursting trains

Commuters complain of overcrowded and delays


News | 18 May 2017

Will Metrorail users have to wait 17 years for decent service?

Service is getting worse, but Prasa promises to get it working … by 2034

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News | 22 February 2017

Toddler recovering after fall from broken railway bridge

A railing was missing from the Metrorail bridge in Khayelitsha


News | 7 February 2017

Masiphumelele mother’s struggle to find school for deaf son

Her story highlights the problems faced by children with disabilities and their parents 


News | 3 November 2016

Train strike: where were the buses?

Commuters stranded as drivers strike after death of colleague


News | 12 July 2016

Outrage over Metrorail annual fare increase

Commuters question raising tariffs when service is going from "bad to worse"


News | 6 June 2016

Another Metrorail nightmare

Stuck train results in delays and overcrowding


Brief | 20 May 2016

Metrorail diary: Thursday

Another chaotic day trying to get to work in Cape Town


Brief | 28 April 2016

Metrorail diary: Tuesday

In the second of a series of short reports, Bernard Chiguvare describes his daily battle to get to work using Metrorail.


News | 26 April 2016

Metrorail diary: Monday

In the first of a series of short reports, Bernard Chiguvare describes his daily battle to get to work using Metrorail.


News | 25 April 2016

Langa children unable to travel to school

Between taxi strike and Metrorail problems, delays are too long


News | 19 April 2016

My hectic Metrorail trip

Delays, jumping off carriages, no refunds and no improvement


News | 15 April 2016

Opposition to annual Metrorail price hike

Activists run petition against fare increases without improved service


News | 31 March 2016

Cursed to use Metrorail

Commuters say they have little choice in public transport


News | 19 February 2016

Metrorail’s skorokoro trains

Here’s why the trains are delayed every day


News | 11 February 2016

Delays, faults and failures: what is to be done about Metrorail?

Persistent train delays cause constant problems for Metrorail commuters. The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), which owns Metrorail, plans to fix South Africa’s ageing and poorly maintained rail infrastructure.

Kevin Elliott

News | 19 February 2015