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Activists demand affordable housing in Johannesburg inner city

Some landlords increased rent in some buildings by 200% during the hard lockdown, says activist


News | 2 December 2020

Union slams public works programme

Workers whose contracts ended in March are demanding to be reinstated


Brief | 26 November 2020

Bolt drivers being harassed and intimidated by meter taxis

The company has partnered with private security to ensure the safety of drivers


News | 26 November 2020

Transport employees face retrenchment three months after court victory

In August, the Constitutional Court ordered that 66 workers be insourced by the Road Traffic Management Corporation


News | 25 November 2020

Court rejects urgent bid to extend top-up grants

Millions of beneficiaries need the top-up to get by, argued Black Sash


Law | 2 November 2020

“We can’t get any jobs or grants” say former municipality workers

Protesters claim that records still reflect that they work for the municipality despite being unemployed since 2016


News | 30 October 2020

Housing protest after Gauteng “delivers nothing” on 2018 promise

Protesters want to know what happened to the Rapid Land Release Program


News | 22 October 2020

SASSA determined to get back “every cent” owed by Cash Paymaster Services

CPS owes SASSA R1.5 billion, says spokesperson


News | 20 October 2020

Extinction Rebellion picket Standard Bank over oil pipeline finance

Protesters say the bank is contradicting its endorsement of the Paris Climate Agreement


Brief | 9 October 2020

Millions in Lottery money spent on football exhibition with limited public access

We visited the exhibition at the FNB stadium and it is not apparent how this cost R7 million

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News | 9 October 2020

“You looted R5 billion and told us to dance to Jerusalema” say striking workers

Union members down tools countrywide over corruption and salary increases among other things on Wednesday

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News | 7 October 2020

Cash Paymaster Services to go into liquidation

SASSA says CPS has no hope of rescue because it owes all its profits


News | 29 September 2020

Gauteng community health workers still waiting for full pay

Despite promise of an increase, workers say they are still earning only R3,500 a month


News | 23 September 2020

“Insolvent” Cash Paymaster Services must still pay back profits to SASSA, court told

Freedom Under Law says that although CPS is in business rescue, the company must still repay profits as ordered by the Constitutional Court


News | 23 September 2020

Alexandra gogo feeds families that “fell through the cracks” during lockdown

Sylvia Mvumvu makes food packages at her home


News | 28 August 2020

Foreign nationals are being held in prison past their release dates

Prisoners say they were told they will have to wait until Covid-19 is over before they will be free


News | 19 August 2020