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If my wife cheated and got pregnant, can I get our marriage annulled? Do I still have to share my belongings because we married in community of property?

No, your wife's adultery during your marriage is not grounds for annulment, and you still have to split assets 50/50.

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How are assets redistributed if I change my marriage contract, which is in community of property?

It depends whether you shift to marriage out of community of property with or without accrual, or get divorced.

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How can I get on the waiting list for gender reassignment surgery?

You would start by getting a referral from a doctor to the Transgender Clinic at Groote Schuur.

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How can I bring my minor children back from Nigeria after their father took them there without my permission?

Nigerian laws are different to ours, but an order from a South African court may help your case.

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Why is my wife getting a portion of my pension if we are married out of community of property?

If you were married before 1 November 1984, she can apply for redistribution of assets.

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How can I kick my abusive ex out of our house?

Because the house is in both your names, one of you can buy the other's share or you can appoint a liquidator to split the house

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I am a transman. Please can you provide information on transitioning?

After a person turns 18, they can begin the process of transitioning.

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