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Will withdrawing my provident fund affect my disability grant income?

It depends whether your monthly provident fund withdrawals put you over the maximum allowed income to qualify for the disability grant.

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Can the child of a deceased domestic worker claim money from their parent's employer if no pension was paid out?

There is no law compelling employers of domestic workers to provide a pension, but they do need to register the worker for UIF.

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Can I withdraw my entire pension from my preservation fund if I have not yet retired?

Yes, you can make a full or partial withdrawal before retirement, but you can only do so once.

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How can I report B-BBEE fronting?

You should lay a complaint with the B-BBEE Commission.

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How can farmworkers access their provident fund?

Contact the Agricultural Sector Provident Fund (ASPF)

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How can security guards make their employers comply with the National Bargaining Council Agreement?

You can lay a complaint with the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector

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Can I withdraw my pension fund from the savings pot while I am still working?

Yes, you can withdraw from the savings pot once a year, provided it is not less than R2.000.

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What does a ZEP holder need to claim UIF?

To apply for UIF as a foreign national, you need your passport and completed forms U1-28 and U1-19.

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How can my employer validate a Zimbabwean citizen's permit?

Home Affairs is the only body which can verify the status of an employee, but it is an exceptionally slow and dysfunctional body.

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What happens to my UIF and provident fund if the company I work for is liquidated?

Your UIF and provident fund money should be unaffected. How you left the company affects whether you can claim your money now.

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