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Will I lose my provident fund if I move to a different country?

No, as of 1 September 2024, you can withdraw any funds saved before that date if you lose your job or resign.

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What can I do if my UIF maternity benefits still haven't been paid over a year since I applied?

You should lay a complaint with the UIF. If they don't help, you can escalate your complaint to the call centre at 0800 030 007.

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How does medical boarding work?

It depends on the company's pension or provident fund rules, but usually they leave it to the insurance company to decide whether you qualify. If you do, you will be paid a monthly stipend.

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How should I set up annual leave for my elderly mother's caregiver, as they will be needed more as her condition deteriorates?

Given the legal requirements surrounding annual leave, it may be simpler to employ more than one carer.

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I think the company I resigned from for mistreating me is doing something to stop me from getting my provident fund. What can I do?

If this is the case, you can report your employer to the trustees of the fund, who will take action.

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Do I qualify for benefits if I was diagnosed with TB three years after leaving my mining job?

No, you can only receive compensation if you were diagnosed with TB within one year of leaving work. But if you can prove you had latent TB prior, you might have a shot.

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What should I do if the company I worked for refuses to release my UI-19 form?

You can report them to the labour department.

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Can I be paid my UIF and SASSA pension while also getting money from my old job?

Yes, but SASSA grants are means tested, and UIF and pension benefits count as income, so your grant will be less.

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Why won't the UIF and pension fund pay my wife's money into her Mukuru Bank account?

They may have a specific reason, so you'll need to ask them. If they won't help, you can lay a complaint.

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I was a child when my mother died three years ago. How can I get a duplicate of her ID and report her death to the Masters Office?

If you have something with her ID number on, go to Home Affairs and ask them to help you with the ID. You can report her death by lodging a completed death notice.

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