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Can my wife register our child in my absence if we are married under religious law?

A mother can register the child in the father's name if she has proof of marriage

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Why can't spouses married under Muslim rites claim deceased funds?

Marriages under Muslim rites are not yet legally recognised in South Africa.

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Can you marry someone under customary law if you are already married under civil law to someone else?

No, the law is very clear on this.

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My husband kicked me and our children out of his mother's house that she gave to us. Can we fight it?

You will need help from your mother-in-law if the title deed is still in her name

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How can I kick my abusive ex out of our house?

Because the house is in both your names, one of you can buy the other's share or you can appoint a liquidator to split the house

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My late father's first wife wants to claim his estate. His second wife and I need help.

If he died without a will, the Intestate Succession Act applies. You may need legal help.

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