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Do I need to transfer a deceased person's estate to my name in order to pay off its debt?

No, the debt must first be paid from the deceased estate before the title deed can be transferred.

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Can my relative go back on a verbal agreement we made over a decade ago to give me his property?

When it comes to property, agreements must be in writing and signed by all parties involved.

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Can I remove a beneficiary my late wife added to her title deed?

It depends whether she left a will, if you were married in community of property, and if you had an antenuptial contract.

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How do I claim my inheritance trust funds?

Go to the Master's office or magistrate's court with an application on form J251 and certified proof of the account holder's identity.

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Should I transfer the title deed of my late aunt's house from my name to her daughter-in-law's?

If you are the legal owner of the house, you do not need to transfer it to her. Maybe you can work out a setup that benefits you both.

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How can my brother and I register our late mother’s house into our names?

First report the death to the Master of the High Court. The Master will appoint a representative to have the letter of authority to wind up the estate.

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My late mother's husband is stopping me and my sister from claiming our inheritance. What can we do?

Go to the Master of the High Court where the letter of authority was issued and ask them to help you.

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We need advice on how to manage the process of inheriting two properties from our late brother.

Agreement amongst the five siblings is key to dealing successfully with inheriting your late brother’s properties. It is only the executor who has the right to deal with the deceased estate.

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Can I take the allowance from my late husband’s estate as a lump sum instead of monthly payments?

Yes, you can. The Supreme Court ruled that lump sum payments of deceased estates could be made in terms of the law.

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How can my father check for his deceased brother’s unclaimed investment with a bank?

You can access a deceased person's unclaimed funds through the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA).

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