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What happens to ZEP holders' bank loans if they are forced to leave SA?

Usually a person's debts remain active if they leave the country, but it is unclear what will happen if they are forced to leave, as with ZEP holders.

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How are assets redistributed if I change my marriage contract, which is in community of property?

It depends whether you shift to marriage out of community of property with or without accrual, or get divorced.

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What can I do if my employer hasn't submitted my provident fund claim forms and is avoiding me?

Send a registered letter to the Trustees of the Fund informing them of the matter.

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Can the bank demand twice the monthly repayment of a loan on an over-insured house?

The in duplum rule limits all interest and other payments on debt to double the amount of the original debt.

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Can my employer withhold my provident fund to pay outstanding debts without my permission?

No, the provident fund can only withhold your money if you owe the employer money or have been convicted in a civil/criminal case

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Why was my provident fund not paid out after I relocated and got a new job?

If you still work in the same industry, you still need to contribute to the provident fund.

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How can I access my late husband's pension and provident fund payments?

You could contact the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

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My father secured a loan with our house and it got repossessed. What can we do to stop the bank evicting us?

Before giving an eviction order a court must balance your interests against the bank’s, and decide if selling the house is the best option, or if alternatives can be found to settle the debt.

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My father was a police officer who died on duty. Can I claim any money?

As a SAPS member, he should have been a member of the Government Employees Pension Fund, and his wife or partner and children would be entitled to benefits after his death.

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