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Should I transfer the title deed of my late aunt's house from my name to her daughter-in-law's?

If you are the legal owner of the house, you do not need to transfer it to her. Maybe you can work out a setup that benefits you both.

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Can I use my grandfather's will (in which he left his estate to his sons) to transfer the title deed into my name?

You can get a copy of the title deed from the Deeds Office and have it transferred to your name by a conveyancing attorney.

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Can I claim the RDP house my deceased ex and I got together even if my name is not on the title deed?

It depends whether you were living in the house when he died, whether he was married and whether he wrote a will.

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My ex used my ID number to apply for RDP housing. Now I don't qualify.

You need to report this fraud to the Department of Human Settlements and escalate if necessary.

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My name was linked to an RDP house and now I can't apply for my own. What can I do?

You first need to find out how your name was linked to an RDP house before you can apply.

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If there are two houses on a property, one townhouse and the other an RDP house, will there be two title deeds?

It's unclear. If the RDP house was built after the townhouse, both belong to the property owner so there may be just one title deed.

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Can I sell my RDP house if I have not received my title deed?

You need to have the title deed to sell the house. You also need to first offer it back to the municipality before you can sell it.

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How do rent-to-buy properties work?

There are two lease contract options: lease option and lease purchase.

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How can I get an RDP house I bought transferred to my name if the seller has disappeared?

Make a sworn, signed, certified affidavit at the police station about how and when you bought the house and from whom, including the name of the daughter you paid and how much you paid for it.

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Can the payment on rental arrears be increased unilaterally by your landlord without negotiation and agreement with you?

It should be possible to come to an agreement about the payment of rental arrears, as well as to compel the landlord to repair the premises and refund you for repairs undertaken at your own expense.

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