sex work

Sex workers march to Lamola’s office over decriminalisation bill

The bill has been sent back to be revised after the state’s legal advisors flagged serious shortfalls


News | 13 July 2023

“Tough blow” for sex workers as decrim bill delayed

“It’s clear we’re not going to achieve decrim in 2024” say activist


News | 7 June 2023

Sex workers and allies rally in Cape Town, demand full decriminalisation

Decriminalisation will address the stigma sex workers face in this country, organisations say


Brief | 30 March 2023

Sex work: where criminal law has no place

Decriminalisation Bill is a giant step


Opinion | 24 January 2023

Human rights report shows need to decriminalise sex workers, says NGO

The South African government plans to decriminalise sex work, a move expected to give sex workers some protection


News | 12 December 2022

Sex workers tell minister police rape, rob and abuse them

Bill to decriminalise sex work released


Brief | 9 December 2022

Sex workers welcome government’s decriminalisation plans

“Many sex workers have died and this bill will save many lives”


News | 6 December 2022

Sex workers are angry with the Gender Commission. Here’s why

They believe some members are using their positions to impose personal moral views on issues like sex work and abortion.


Brief | 12 August 2022

“I’m broken inside,” says Springs sex worker after botched illegal abortion

SWEAT wants government to make it easier for sex workers to access adequate healthcare free from stigma


News | 27 May 2022

Police must put themselves in our shoes, says sex worker

SWEAT and Sisonke are running sensitisation training to stop violence from police officers


Feature | 25 February 2022

Sex Workers Pride celebrated with vaccinations and calls for decriminalisation

Western Cape MEC for Health Nomafrench Mbombo says criminalisation of sex work makes access to health services more difficult

Text and Photos by Ashraf Hendricks

News | 14 September 2021

Study finds extreme levels of violence against sex workers

Decriminalisation of sex work will make women safer, says advocacy group


News | 27 August 2021

Many sex workers are battling to get vaccinated

Those who do not have identity documents cannot be registered on the government’s computer system


Brief | 24 August 2021

Sex workers march in Johannesburg calling for decriminalisation

Protesters also want safe spaces for women in the city


News | 28 May 2021

Covid-19 curfew and alcohol ban leave sex workers battling

“In our line of work business thrives during the night”


News | 26 January 2021

Sex work activists demand answers from Human Rights Commission

They claim that a complaint lodged in August about sex worker Robyn Montsumi who died in police custody has gone unanswered


Brief | 11 December 2020