sex work

Questions for a sex worker

Constance Mathe explains why she believes her work should not be criminalised


Video | 28 July 2020

Covid-19: Sex workers accuse police of beating people on the street

“Much as I am afraid of Covid-19 … I need the money”


News | 2 April 2020

Covid-19: Some sex workers move online as SA heads into lockdown

SWEAT and Sonke call for fast-tracking of law reform and decriminalisation of sex work


Brief | 27 March 2020

Report finds shocking violence against sex workers

101 female sex workers, some of them transwomen, died in the 2018/19 year. Half of them were murdered, says SWEAT report


News | 6 March 2020

The difficult life of Marikana sex workers

Working on an open plot, the women are often raped or robbed


News | 18 November 2019

Toddlers abandoned in room for almost five days

Unclear why authorities took long to respond

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News | 15 November 2019

“Proud to be trans, proud to be sex workers, and even prouder of their stunning sense of style”

Trans women sex workers collective Sistaazhood launches photo book


News | 12 August 2019

Sex workers speak of rape, corruption and harassment by police

Human Rights Watch calls for decriminalisation


News | 12 August 2019

Sex workers thank Ramaphosa

President had promised to safeguard their human rights


News | 5 June 2019

GROUNDVIEW: Let sex workers and their clients be

Also: Leadership needed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Training


GroundView | 7 February 2019

Sex workers campaign for law to be changed

“It’s like any other type of work”

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Feature | 4 February 2019

Study uncovers brutal policing of sex work

Civil society and the police have begun to work together to stop the abuse


News | 23 March 2018

Cape Town church calls for decriminalisation of sex work

“Jesus was the first to decriminalise sex work” says church banner


News | 1 March 2018

Police target immigrant sex workers in Gauteng

We are only following orders from Home Affairs, say police


News | 12 February 2018

“Most sex workers are mothers”

School fees paid from sex work


Brief | 2 October 2017

I am a sex worker: criminalising my work puts me in danger

Why the Swedish Model does not work for South Africa


Opinion | 14 June 2017