Articles by Liezl Human

Over 14,000 people estimated to be living on the streets of Cape Town

Study finds that R20,000 is spent per homeless person per year in the criminal justice system


26 November 2020

WCED struggling with increased learner admissions for 2021

A Stellenbosch parent has been battling to find place for his son


20 November 2020

Fish “no longer welcome” at I&J

After 100 workers go on strike company bans union’s general secretary Dale Fish


19 November 2020

Women and children hit by refugee office closure, court hears

Sonke Gender Justice is seeking to join as a friend of the court in Scalabrini versus Minister of Home Affairs case


12 November 2020

Hip-hop artist told he must have a new ID number after Home Affairs mix up

Vakele Genu is unhappy with Home Affairs’ solution


10 November 2020

Raymond Joseph recognised for Lottery investigation

Free Press Unlimited commended GroundUp’s reporter for “his tenacity in reporting from areas where government accountability is lacking”


9 November 2020

Rondebosch Golf Club lease renewal under fire from housing activists

City says floodline makes land unsuitable for development


30 October 2020

Labour department to visit farm after owners close only crèche nearby

Farm workers’ say they have nowhere to leave their children while they work


30 October 2020

Human Rights Commission under fire for 7-month silence on sex worker death in custody

“Unfortunately democracy is only for certain people – not for sex workers” says activist


28 October 2020

Family “dumped” in Wellington can’t travel to work and school

They were forcibly evicted from their home on a farm in Paarl where they lived for 23 years


27 October 2020

No housing on Rondebosch Golf Club for now

City says the land is unsuitable, but Ndifuna Ukwazi says the decision is “blindingly shortsighted”


22 October 2020

“There are no jobs - this is how we support our families” says Kleinmond poacher

Earlier this week there were violent protests after five local men were arrested


8 October 2020

Western Cape farmers in court for assault

Anthony Koopman sustained a “cracked skull” and there have been protests outside court in support of him


5 October 2020

Activists raise alarm over amendments to Domestic Violence Act

“The victims will lose trust in the social workers”


2 October 2020

Municipality has gravely misunderstood its duties, court told

But Drakenstein municipality says criticism of its emergency housing plan is unwarranted 


7 August 2020

Court asked to oversee Drakenstein Municipality emergency housing plan

“The situation was allowed to continue for 20 years and those directly affected are particularly vulnerable”, says advocate


6 August 2020