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Activists claim thousands of parcels of public land under-used in Cape Town

Ndifuna Ukwazi launches online interactive map to put pressure on government to address land issues


News | 22 September 2023

A deaf woman was gang raped. She has waited more than eight months for a court to get a sign language interpreter

The trial of four men accused of raping the 45-year-old woman has been postponed several times because of this


News | 21 September 2023

Protest at Parliament goes ahead after last-minute deal with City of Cape Town

Activist organisation #UniteBehind wants MPs to fire former PRASA chair Sfiso Buthelezi

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News | 20 September 2023

Hundreds queue in Cape Town city centre in hope of a job

Mostly young people stand in line for hours

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Brief | 14 September 2023

Activists protest as huge oil and gas conference gets underway in Cape Town

“Gas and oil and nuclear don’t need to be in our energy mix”


News | 13 September 2023

Langa used to be a “place of ubuntu” says 82-year-old resident

Langa centenary: former beauty queen Nomsa Banjatwa remembers a township abuzz with social events


News | 13 September 2023

Cops cautioned over arresting people for cannabis use and possession

“There is currently no legislation that prescribes what quantities of cannabis may be possessed or cultivated”


News | 4 September 2023

Here’s why you might be struggling to get an e-hailing trip in some Cape Town townships

“I would never take trips from Nyanga and Philippi” says Uber driver


News | 31 August 2023

Protest over poor service at Khayelitsha Home Affairs

About 100 people marched in the rain under the banner of #UniteBehind


Brief | 22 August 2023

Langa’s cramped sewing school needs more space

The Sinakho Skills Development Centre and Entrepreneurship Training Academy


Brief | 21 August 2023

Immigrants held in cells for four weeks after police raid on restaurant

“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy” says Zimbabwean restaurant manager at Mowbray police station


News | 16 August 2023

Checkmate: Gugulethu chess coach shares her passion with youth

Gugulethu Chess College under-11 team to go to provincial tournament


News | 4 August 2023

Health activists make over 12,000 submissions on draft food labelling regulations

The proposed warning labels will clearly indicate when food is high in sugar, salt and fat or contains artificial sweeteners, but the sugar industry has warned against “demonising sugar”


News | 31 July 2023

Supporters of gay rights and EFF members go head to head at UCT

Tensions ahead of lecture by controversial Kenyan professor

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Brief | 24 July 2023

Pay R10,000 or face a year in prison, court tells former SJC leader

Xolani Klaas pleaded guilty to fraudulently selling a cellphone that belonged to the organisation


News | 19 July 2023

Most recipients unpaid after millions stolen from Guardian’s Fund

Justice Department has suspended officials allegedly involved in theft


Brief | 30 June 2023