Articles for Kimberly Mutandiro

After decades living in council flats, tenants want title deeds

Elderly residents of Nigel’s Alra Park say they were on the housing list but were allocated rental flats. Now they want ownership


News | 16 March 2023

Court declares eviction of Nigel RDP occupiers unlawful

The occupiers demand alternative accommodation be provided


Brief | 3 March 2023

Evicted in the morning, 2,000 Nigel RDP occupiers move back in by evening

High Court ordered a stay of eviction after Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department put 500 families out on the street


News | 3 March 2023

After widespread looting in Delmas, immigrant shopkeepers struggle to open

Many shops still closed after looting during community protests last month


News | 1 March 2023

Rubber bullets fired as over 2,000 people evicted from Nigel housing occupation

Lawyers for the occupiers have subsequently secured a stay of the eviction order in the Gauteng High Court


News | 28 February 2023

Police fire rubber bullets at Geluksdal students

A fatal stabbing at the school has led to protests demanding “justice” for Shawn Mphela


News | 17 February 2023

Disabled immigrants evicted from Joburg building by Operation Dudula

“Everything was lost during the eviction. Now I sleep with my children in a room with many others” says mother


News | 16 February 2023

Fatal stabbing at Geluksdal Secondary was only a matter of time

Department of Education accused of not taking preventive action


News | 9 February 2023

Outsourced guards accuse Ekurhuleni municipality of failing to pay them

Protesting security employees say non-payments have become a problem since the coalition government took over, but mayor’s office says payments to security companies are up-to-date


Brief | 6 February 2023

Here’s what the Zimbabwean embassy says about the expiry of the ZEP

The ambassador encouraged voluntary repatriation. But he also criticised the way Zimbabweans are being denied public services in South Africa.


News | 3 February 2023

Five years on, Marievale army base families still in limbo

The latest relocation plan has been rejected by some of the respondents


News | 24 January 2023

Pretorians protest against loadshedding and tariff hike

“2024 is around the corner. This injustice is something that we are not going to forget”


Brief | 23 January 2023

Operation Dudula chases immigrants away from Joburg clinic

Patients told to get health care “in their own countries”


News | 18 January 2023

Undocumented children struggle to find schools

Instead of being in school some beg at traffic lights


News | 13 January 2023

Human rights report shows need to decriminalise sex workers, says NGO

The South African government plans to decriminalise sex work, a move expected to give sex workers some protection


News | 12 December 2022

Police are preying on immigrants, say human rights organisations

Immigrants are not reporting crimes or seeking assistance from law enforcement as they fear extortion or deportation


News | 2 December 2022