NUMSA and 3Sixty

SAFTU and NUMSA clash as shutdown looms

Metalworkers union forbids its federation from discussing congress contempt case, but SAFTU says no


News | 16 August 2022

Vital court case on NUMSA’s future postponed

A full day has been set aside for the Labour Court in Johannesburg to hear the case next week


Brief | 10 August 2022

NUMSA’s interdicted national congress to proceed — but a court challenge looms

Journalists kicked out of conference centre

By and

News | 26 July 2022

Confused delegates idle outside NUMSA congress

“We don’t know what we are going to do here”


News | 25 July 2022

Court halts NUMSA congress

Mass suspensions of dissenting office bearers ruled “invalid” and “unconstitutional”


News | 23 July 2022

Yashoda Ram, NUMSA’s insurance company’s curious curator

Why did she suddenly change her mind about 3Sixty Life’s future?


Feature | 1 April 2022

Auditor accused 3Sixty managers of “constructing evidence”

3Sixty Life: a lesson in how not to run a company, part two


News | 14 March 2022

How NUMSA’s life insurer went insolvent

3Sixty Life: a lesson in how not to run a company, part one


News | 10 March 2022

NUMSA responds to our report

And we respond to NUMSA


Right to reply | 4 March 2022

Millions of rands siphoned from NUMSA’s insurance company, report shows

3Sixty Life, currently under curatorship, made huge loans which haven’t been repaid


News | 4 March 2022

Irvin Jim’s birthday party paid for by embattled life insurer

Report finds 3Sixty Life, now in curatorship, used as “treasurer” for NUMSA-owned companies


News | 1 March 2022