Articles by Vincent Lali

Health workers say they have to meet their supervisors under a tree in Khayelitsha

They are picketing for better working conditions and wages


24 November 2020

Police officers caught on video throwing disabled man out of his wheelchair

Zwelenkosi Ngidi had gone to Cape Town police to find out about arrested community leaders


20 November 2020

Angry protesters block N2

Land occupiers say they want water, toilets and electricity, but the City of Cape Town says the land is not suitable


12 November 2020

Hundreds march for water, electricity and toilets in Khayelitsha

Official says services cannot be provided because some of the land occupations are still before the court


2 November 2020

Homes waterlogged with “liquid shit” for three months

City of Cape Town says the residents have occupied a stormwater retention pond unlawfully


29 October 2020

Railway line shack dwellers trash ward councillor

Protesters are demanding services and recognition for Eyadini informal settlement in Cape Town


26 October 2020

Khayelitsha land occupiers call for water, toilets and rubbish collection

“Those who succeed in occupying illegally and knowing there are no services on the land unfortunately do so at own risk” says Malusi Booi


23 September 2020

Community healthcare workers demand “danger pay”

“We need proper PPE because we work in cramped bungalows and shipping containers”


1 September 2020

One dead, 13 due in court after protests and looting in Bloekombos

“We are willing to move elsewhere. We just want a place to stay” says occupier


11 August 2020

Call for freeze on land sales in Khayelitsha

Khayelitsha Development Forum task team wants audit of land made public


6 August 2020

Covid Village occupiers live in limbo

Minister Sisulu to discuss N2 occupation with Cabinet, says Mbulelo Ncedana


3 August 2020

Unregistered ECD principals plead with government

“Some of our teachers are resorting to occupying vacant land because they have no money to pay rent”


31 July 2020

Community leaders oppose Makhaza occupation

“I have been on the housing database for years, but I still have no house” says occupier


27 July 2020

SJC head Axolile Notywala arrested

Witness claims arrested activists were filming police but not obstructing them


24 July 2020

“Our toilets have been blocked since 2016” says Khayelitsha resident

Enkanini informal settlement gives the City a week to respond to demands for toilets and water


23 July 2020

Burning of clinic: suspects in court

Mayor says some services suspended after “wanton acts of vandalism”


21 July 2020