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Probe clears most Gauteng care organisations

Handful of organisations remain under investigation

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News | 18 July 2024

Gauteng government abandons hundreds of homeless people in Tshwane shelters

Organisation that provided food and social services owed R2.9-million

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News | 4 July 2024

Gauteng non-profit organisations reject findings of province’s forensic probe

Six out of 13 drug rehabs previously funded by the Gauteng Social Development Department are now “under investigation”

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News | 27 June 2024

Gauteng government buys newspaper space to praise MEC

MEC Mbali Hlophe won’t say how much the province spent on the advertorials

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News | 24 June 2024

Controversial auditing firm appointed by Gauteng Department of Social Development

Department acknowledges that the appointment of Open Water, which also probed the Ace Magashule Free State housing scandal, was irregular

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News | 21 June 2024

Money starts flowing at last to Gauteng care organisations

The Department of Social Development has been scrambling to comply with a court order

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News | 11 June 2024

Gauteng government funds new drug rehab while defunding existing ones

Clinix Foundation was approved for R11-million in funding in just three weeks

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News | 6 June 2024

Almost half of state-funded drug rehab beds in Gauteng under threat

Organisations are “under investigation” but have not been told why

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News | 5 June 2024

Gauteng Department of Social Development misled court on reasons for funding delays

Auditor-General says it did not recommend changes to the funding process

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News | 30 May 2024

Gauteng government bungles allocation of billions for non-profit organisations

Funding decisions were centralised supposedly to prevent corruption but it has caused catastrophic delays and mistakes

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News | 28 May 2024

Multi-million-rand drug rehabs under investigation by Gauteng government

Provincial department of social development has stopped funding 750 beds at Life Healthcare’s treatment centres

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News | 28 May 2024

Gauteng Premier breaks promise to pay organisations by 24 May

Department of Social Development claims court order obtained by organisations last week “supersedes” its earlier commitments

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News | 27 May 2024

Thousands of children with disabilities are not receiving the Care Dependency Grant

And the R2,180 monthly amount is too little to cover the costs of caring for a child with disabilities


News | 23 May 2024

Gauteng funding crisis: Disability organisations face closure

Department of Social Development has not finalised contracts with organisations providing vital services

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News | 10 May 2024