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Can the surviving spouse change the joint will created with the deceased?

No, both spouses need to agree to change the joint will and this is no longer possible if one has passed away.

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Can my father move into the house my mother got in the divorce now that she has moved out?

Your father must first have the divorce order changed.

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How can a mother with an expired visa register her children?

There are a few possible options, but the best route may be to get legal help.

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Can an abandoned child get a birth certificate?

Yes, but you may need help to get Home Affairs to comply.

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I am a minor. What can I do if my parent is being neglectful?

You can contact Childline South Africa. Social workers try to help parents look after their children better.

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How can we apply for an ID for our foster child that has a mental disability? Home Affairs and Social Services refuse to help.

You may need legal intervention to compel Social Services to issue the required documentation for Home Affairs.

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Can a non-South African write Grade 12 exams?

Yes, as long as you have some kind of proof of identity.

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Home Affairs won't issue a birth certificate for my daughter because she was born in Lesotho

The Constitutional Court ruled in July 2020 that children born in other countries with at least one South African parent are entitled to citizenship

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I am a ZEP holder but my daughter's school still wants me to pay school fees

Excluding ZEP holders from accessing school fees exemption is not in line with the spirit of the Constitution or the Schools Act.

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What can we do to stop the late owner's sister from kicking my mom out of the RDP house she has been living in for over 20 years?

Ask the local municipal offices if they can help your mother to acquire title deeds after her 20-year occupation.

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