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I was denied a student visa because my name is on an “internal control list” but I have never even been to South Africa. What can I do?

The simplest route would probably be to get help from an organisation that regularly deals with Home Affairs' dysfunction.

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Can a university report unpaid fees to a credit bureau?

It is usually debt collectors rather than universities that report unpaid debts to the credit bureau. You can check your credit status online.

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How do I apply for Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) if I don't have my report?

You can make an affidavit explaining your circumstances and ask your old school for a copy.

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I get an error code on my birth certificate when I try to apply for tertiary education. Is there some way around this?

You will likely need a late registration of birth certificate but you can apply for a temporary ID in the meantime.

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How should matric 2020 learners without IDs apply to tertiary education institutions?

You can still apply for a temporary ID at Home Affairs.

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Can graduates in the critical skills category receive a waiver from having to work for 5 years before applying for Permanent Residence?

Yes, if you have graduated from a South African university.

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CPUT student structures have to agree to the ideology of the SRC or face being being kicked off campus. Can the SRC do this?

The SRC has mistaken its mandate, which is to lead, represent and defend the student body according to the SRC Constitution, in favour of asserting its own ideological preferences.

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