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Why has my R350 SRD grant application status said "pending" for two years?

SASSA manually verifies every application, which takes very long. It could be that there is information missing but SASSA does not inform applicants when this is the case, so you need to keep checking

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What can I do if I appealed but still have not received my R350 Social Relief of Distress grant?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, they say you can take it to the High Court for a judicial review.

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How do I report a person who illegally used my daughter's ID to register for the SRD R350 grant?

Your daughter should immediately report it to SASSA, PostBank or theSouth African Fraud Prevention Service

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I have been waiting five months to get my SRD payment date

SASSA has warned that there will be delays in paying social grants after the income threshold was increased

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Why was my SASSA grant declined then approved?

Your SASSA grant may have been delayed due to changes made by changes to the qualifying criteria.

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Must I sell my late mother's house to cover her debts?

You should make an application to the bank to take over the existing home loan, but you would have to meet the bank’s qualifying criteria.

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Why did SASSA reject my R350 SRD grant application?

It may have found that your income exceeds R350 a month. If you disagree, you can appeal the rejection.

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Why hasn't SASSA paid my R350 Covid grant since May 2022?

Under the new regulations, you need to re-apply for the R350 grant.

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Can I claim UIF if my WCA has been approved but not paid out?

If your WCA claim was still being assessed, then yes. But it is unclear whether you can apply for UIF now.

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How can I appeal SASSA's rejection of my R350 grant application? I do not have UIF money to claim.

You can go to SASSA's SRD grant website.

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