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Will withdrawing my provident fund affect my disability grant income?

It depends whether your monthly provident fund withdrawals put you over the maximum allowed income to qualify for the disability grant.

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Will SASSA pay for my father's burial because he was getting a social grant?

If he had not yet claimed his social grant money in the month that he died, you can take the necessary documents to SASSA to collect the last payment.

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If I don't withdraw all the money from my SASSA grant, will the remainder be lost?

No, the money will not disappear, but SASSA says you need to withdraw some of the grant money within 90 days.

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How can I apply for a disability grant if I cannot get to the SASSA office?

You can ask a family member or friend to apply on your behalf. They must take a letter from you and a doctor's note saying why you can't visit the office yourself.

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Will my disability grant automatically become an old age grant when I turn 60?

Yes, it will. The amount paid for the old age grant is the same as for the disability grant.

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Why has my R350 SRD grant application status said "pending" for two years?

SASSA manually verifies every application, which takes very long. It could be that there is information missing but SASSA does not inform applicants when this is the case, so you need to keep checking

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Can I be denied a disability grant because I have orthopaedic or prosthetic device?

If your disability has been improved or corrected with assistive technology, you may no longer qualify for the grant.

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How does payment work if you have been medically boarded?

If you are registered with an insurance policy or provident fund that provides disability benefits, you can submit a claim for a monthly stipend.

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Can I apply for a loan while receiving a SASSA grant?

Yes, although you can't borrow money from SASSA itself.

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My mother still hasn't received her full grant after being short paid in September 2023.

You should contact Postbank either by phone or email.

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