State Capture

PRASA sues whistleblower for R45 million

The rail agency refused to answer questions on its legal action against suspended head of legal services Martha Ngoye


News | 27 August 2021

Open letter to Judge Zondo: Please resume Commission hearings

20 organisations ask state capture commission to issue interim report

Civil Society Working Group on State Capture

Opinion | 3 June 2020

“The struggle against corruption is a struggle for human rights”

Civil society working group submits recommendations to Zondo Commission


News | 19 February 2020

Archbishop: 2020 to be the year of the orange jumpsuit

Civil society rallies against state capture


News | 13 February 2020

JSC in spotlight for slow adjudication of complaints against two judges

One complaint alleges state capture. The other alleges racism and sexism.


Law | 23 August 2019

Activists highlight how state capture affects everyday life

Collapse of Metrorail and policing is hurting poor people

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News | 28 July 2019

Activists unite to “defend democracy”

Johannesburg City Hall filled to capacity following Jacob Zuma’s testimony at Zondo Commission


News | 21 July 2019

No country for old spies

Take Jacob Zuma’s testimony for what it is – the rambling of a troubled mind


Opinion | 17 July 2019

False start to Parliament’s state capture probe

“The key thing here is that we need to get the money back as soon as possible”

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Parliament | 17 August 2017

Is Zuma threatening to fragment the country?

Ominous Melmoth meeting suggests he is


Opinion | 11 April 2016

Lessons in state capture from the Broederbond scandal

The ANC investigation into the Gupta scandal needs to be treated with caution


Opinion | 29 March 2016

Why unions joined Gordhan’s roadshow

Federations attempt to "save the country"


Opinion | 22 March 2016

To stop Guptification we must challenge secret deals

Both the ANC and DA must say who their donors are


Opinion | 22 March 2016