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RICA bill misses the chance for real reform

As Concourt deadline approaches, there are still too many loopholes in the law that allow privacy rights to be infringed


Analysis | 20 September 2023

India’s Supreme Court strikes a blow against the use of spyware

Ruling offers ways to hold governments and companies accountable


Opinion | 10 November 2021

State surveillance a threat to journalism

Laws are being abused by corrupt state officials to spy on reporters for doing their jobs


Opinion | 9 March 2018

Have you started your water committee yet?

Here’s how we’re preparing for Day Zero


Information | 26 January 2018

Cybercrimes Bill makes cyberspace less secure

It also has a sinister provision that will make it easier for State Security to undermine privacy and freedom

By and

Analysis | 28 July 2017

Cybercrimes Bill threatens our freedom

10 August is deadline to send your comments to Parliament


Analysis | 26 July 2017

Let’s resist the securocrats

State security apparatus is overreaching - dangerously


Opinion | 18 November 2016

To stop Guptification we must challenge secret deals

Both the ANC and DA must say who their donors are


Opinion | 22 March 2016

DA’s shadow bill misses the key point

On Wednesday, the Democratic Alliance's (DA) new shadow minister of police, Zakhele Mbhele, will brief parliament's police committee on the DA's Bill to replace the National Key Points Act.

Murray Hunter

Opinion | 3 November 2015

Rica in South Africa: How big is Big Brother?

How serious is state surveillance of telephone calls in South Africa? The problem is we don't know, writes Right2Know's Murray Hunter.

Murray Hunter

Analysis | 13 June 2014