Refugees say they fear death if they return to local communities

Nearly four years after the UNHCR protests, Bellville camp asylum seekers choose unsanitary camp conditions rather than face xenophobia and crime


News | 12 May 2023

Refugees evicted from UNHCR offices find shelter in an old school

The building does not have toilets or electricity. But the refugees say it is better than Lindela Repatriation Centre


News | 28 April 2023

Refugees are camping outside the UN offices in Pretoria. Here’s why

Most want to be repatriated to a third country, but authorities say this is impossible


News | 30 May 2022

Cape Town refugee sites to stay open longer after Home Affairs backtrack

Home Affairs warned the refugees to accept offers of assistance by the UNHCR or leave the sites, but the department has not enforced the demand


Brief | 3 May 2021

MPs give Home Affairs and City a tongue lashing over refugee camps

Parliament’s portfolio committee on Home Affairs to conduct oversight visit


News | 21 October 2020

Refugee Act amendments increase probability of unlawful detention, says report

Lawyers for Human Rights to host webinar on Friday


News | 11 June 2020

Central Methodist Church seeks advice over removal of refugees

“The refugee leadership gave me the assurance that they will vacate the church. They did not honour these commitments”


Brief | 13 March 2020

Reintegrate or be repatriated, Home Affairs warns refugees

Motsoaledi tells MPs that the countries refugees want to go to are not ready to welcome them


News | 10 March 2020

City to move against Greenmarket Square refugees

Refugee leader says they remain “hopeful” that City will provide temporary shelter


Brief | 8 January 2020

Grim life of families living in “Little Zimbabwe”

“I came to South Africa thinking that l would find greener pastures but things haven’t been easy”


News | 18 December 2019

City to use bylaws to remove refugees

Smith says failure to do this will have dire consequences for the informal traders on Greenmarket Square


Brief | 18 December 2019

Concourt agrees: people guilty of serious crimes will not qualify for refugee status

However, extradition law still protects their fundamental rights


Law | 6 December 2018

Port Elizabeth’s peace builders are making communities safer for immigrants

“The peace builders are trained to resolve conflicts between immigrants and local people”


News | 21 June 2018

Refugees march for legal recognition

“There is no way for me to better my life without having papers in this country”


News | 20 June 2018

African Diaspora Forum condemns comments by Mkongi, Mashaba

“We would like to remind the mayor, that foreign nationals have no expectations to be provided free houses”


Brief | 1 August 2017