Tensions brew between coloured and black communities in Nigel over housing occupation

“Our government has succeeded in dividing us as a people because we are now fighting against each other because of the mess it created”


News | 24 March 2023

Protesters block roads in Dunoon with burning tyres and rubble

Anger over City of Cape Town demolishing and confiscating material of “unoccupied” shacks since Saturday


Brief | 22 March 2023

No water, electricity or toilets for 280 families in Khayelitsha informal settlement

Residents say they have lived without basic services for three years


News | 20 March 2023

Nearly 600 families at a temporary relocation area in Durban share eight toilets

eThekwini Municipality says its water and sanitation unit is busy with repairs

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News | 17 March 2023

After decades living in council flats, tenants want title deeds

Elderly residents of Nigel’s Alra Park say they were on the housing list but were allocated rental flats. Now they want ownership


News | 16 March 2023

Asbestos found in old hospital intended for homeless shelter

A new site in Zonnebloem in Cape Town has been identified instead of the Robbie Nurock Day Hospital


News | 15 March 2023

Cape Town’s notorious unfinished freeway finally gives way to Foreshore development

After 40 years the provincial government has relinquished a road reserve it kept for the freeway that was never built


News | 9 March 2023

No money for water and toilets at Khoisan occupation, MPs told

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, which owns the land, plans to have a meeting with the community later this month


News | 8 March 2023

Clean newly formed settlements, demand shack dwellers

Only 16 of the 36 new occupations established following the outbreak of Covid have been recognised, says Khayelitsha subcouncil chairman


Brief | 6 March 2023

Court declares eviction of Nigel RDP occupiers unlawful

The occupiers demand alternative accommodation be provided


Brief | 3 March 2023

Evicted in the morning, 2,000 Nigel RDP occupiers move back in by evening

High Court ordered a stay of eviction after Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department put 500 families out on the street


News | 3 March 2023

Evicted waste pickers win in court

Company must rebuild homes of the “Airfield Community” on land near Waterkloof base


Law | 3 March 2023

Cape Town is removing homeless people from the street. This is what the City is offering instead

Mayor promises R230-million over the next three years to help homeless residents. But will there be enough space?


News | 2 March 2023

Rubber bullets fired as over 2,000 people evicted from Nigel housing occupation

Lawyers for the occupiers have subsequently secured a stay of the eviction order in the Gauteng High Court


News | 28 February 2023

Coffee Bay Flood: Man tells how he survived by grabbing tree

Eight confirmed dead. Search for two missing people continues.


News | 24 February 2023