High Court victory for former farm worker from Wellington

Drakenstein Municipality failed in its duty to provide emergency housing, Western Cape High Court finds


News | 2 August 2022

12 toilets for 3,000 people, so elderly couple use the bushes

600,000 are people waiting for housing opportunities in the Western Cape


News | 2 August 2022

We’ll fight eviction, say families living on Joburg railway land

Some people have been living on the Braamfontein site for over two decades


News | 2 August 2022

Cape Town tables plan for two inner-city social housing projects

Announcement hailed as a victory for housing activists


News | 29 July 2022

ANC has done nothing for us since 1994, says hostel resident

Hostels built in Tshwane for council workers in the 1960s are falling apart


Brief | 29 July 2022

Pigs swim in the sewage outside my house, says protester

Gqeberha protesters block Old Uitenhage Road demanding changes to their living conditions


News | 28 July 2022

No City plan for backyarders on private land

The City plans to help backyarders only on properties it owns


News | 27 July 2022

Where are the houses we were promised in 1996, ask the elderly women of Kei Road

“It is clear our government only helps those who protest”


News | 27 July 2022

Relocation is “on track”, Mbalula tells families living along railway line

Metrorail line in Langa to be vacated in November


Brief | 27 July 2022

“If they try to evict people, there will be bloodshed” say RDP occupiers

City of Ekurhuleni to evict about 500 families occupying houses in Nigel


News | 26 July 2022

Parks for the people: everyone needs green spaces

Urban South Africans use what little green space is available to them very creatively, and deserve more support

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Opinion | 25 July 2022

Families to be kicked off state farm to make way for private farmer

The fate of about 20 households hangs in the air as the Agricultural Research Council moves ahead with plans to lease the farm


News | 22 July 2022

Backyarders finish houses abandoned by contractor

But the City of Cape Town says the contractor will be back and the occupiers will be evicted

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News | 21 July 2022

Gqeberha mother wants to leave the settlement where her son drowned

Residents of Waterville want to be moved from the abandoned salt pans where they live


Brief | 19 July 2022

High Court rebukes City of Cape Town for Covid evictions

City wrongly applied the remedy of “counter spoliation” to demolish shacks, judges rule


Law | 19 July 2022

We won’t move, say Driftsands families living on floodplain

About 50 shacks have been moved to a safer site


News | 19 July 2022