Vandalised anti-apartheid museum in PE may soon be open again

Residents closed down Red Location Museum in 2013


News | 27 November 2019

Minister makes big promises about R280-million Baartman centre

Nathi Mthethwa says heritage site will turn tiny Hankey into “another Gauteng”


News | 29 April 2019

Peace monument now a drinking spot

The Seven Day War memorial in Pietermaritzburg has been vandalised


News | 4 September 2018

Eastern Cape rock art vanishing due to vandals

Rich trove of cave paintings going back perhaps 20,000 years is being erased


News | 31 August 2018

Mandela home in ruins

The house where Nelson Mandela’s first wife lived out her days is part of the Liberation Heritage Route


Brief | 17 August 2018