Their councillor was charged with murder. Now Umlazi voters want a by-election

Residents block township road in protest


Brief | 28 May 2019

GROUNDVIEW: For the first time most adults didn’t vote

There has been a decline in election participation since 1994, especially this year


GroundView | 13 May 2019

Strand protesters threaten to disrupt elections

Protest follows picket by property owners last week


News | 24 April 2019

Fewer young people have registered to vote in the May election

Despite population growth, the number of 18 to 19-year-olds who have registered is down by almost half from the 2014 general election


Brief | 3 April 2019

Voter registration rate down from 2014

Electoral Commission encourages young voters to make use of “short window of opportunity”


Brief | 29 January 2019

“I’ve never voted before and I don’t intend to do so now”

Voter registration weekend in Mfuleni


News | 28 January 2019

IEC gives students opportunity to register after deadline

This will help out-of-town students to vote


Brief | 16 January 2019

Violence in Harare: an eye-witness account

“You can vote for MDC all you want but there is nothing you can do”


News | 2 August 2018

Harare’s poorest residents vote in fear

“We live in a pool of faeces. Yet they want to control who we vote for.”


News | 31 July 2018

Harare’s residents hail first election where state hasn’t used violence

Huge opposition rally takes place peacefully


News | 29 July 2018

Understanding the My Vote Counts judgment

Within the next 18 months South Africans are likely to find out who funds which political parties


Law | 27 June 2018

Edendale residents say they will not vote in 2019

March on legislature to demand better living conditions


Brief | 18 April 2018

We’ll change our councillors after the elections, says ANC official

Win the ward, then we’ll change the councillor, official tells protesting Eastern Cape voters


News | 4 August 2016

ANC supporters in court over attack on rival candidate

Tension boils over in Eastern Cape ward

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News | 27 July 2016

Disputes over Pietermaritzburg election candidates spill over into violence

ANC office-bearers lay charges of assault


News | 6 July 2016

Khayelitsha residents close down school in protest

Protesters angry at ANC’s choice of election candidates

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News | 30 May 2016