Cape Town water crisis

What if we turn on the taps and nothing comes out? With dam levels at record lows and rain still not falling, this is a serious threat facing a city of four million people. GroundUp did an in-depth investigation of the water crisis.

GroundUp's investigation into the water crisis

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The University of Cape Town has an excellent series on the Cape Town water crisis.

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UCT scientists convince City to drill cautiously into aquifer

Environmental group will monitor borehole drilling into Table Mountain Group Aquifer


News | 19 March 2018

Will there be more rain this winter?

The sooner we know the answer, the sooner we can prepare for summer 2019

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Science | 15 March 2018

How Cape Town more than halved its water usage

Water consumption has dropped dramatically, but there is still more to be done


Feature | 13 March 2018

Cape Town is using aquifers responsibly

Groundwater abstraction based on a “no regrets” approach


Opinion | 9 March 2018

Jobs and profits drying up on Western Cape grape farms

Farmer says his harvest is down 40%


Feature | 8 March 2018

Water curbs: a tale of rich and poor

Most water management devices installed in poor areas


Analysis | 7 March 2018

Car wash jobs threatened by water restrictions

Informal operators say it’s their only form of employment


News | 6 March 2018

Here is the status of Cape Town’s water supply projects

City promises to engage with UCT scientists over concerns about drilling into the Table Mountain Group aquifer


News | 2 March 2018

Cape Town is paying for national government failures, say officials

Ian Neilson warns that Day Zero is still possible: water consumption needs to drop to 450 million litres daily


News | 1 March 2018

Rush to drill for water threatens our future water supply

Extracting water from the Table Mountain Group aquifer threatens biodiversity and makes little difference to Day Zero


Opinion | 28 February 2018

Water restrictions hit Cape Town’s homeless

“We might stay on the streets, but we want to be clean”


News | 28 February 2018

What is the future of Cape Town’s water supply?

Here are the pros and cons of desalination, groundwater and recycling


Feature | 27 February 2018

Stop the drought conspiracy theories

Hateful messages by ideologues can harm Jewish-Muslim relations


Opinion | 26 February 2018

No water, no business, say Khayelitsha businesses

SJC conducts water audit in informal settlements


News | 13 February 2018

Drought: the silence of the city councillors

Only seven out of 20 replied to our questions on the water crisis

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News | 9 February 2018

City’s model shows how we can avoid Day Zero

Getting household consumption down is key


News | 30 January 2018