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Can refugees in South Africa apply for resettlement to another country?

Unfortunately not. UNHCR says that refugees are identified for Resettlement based on their protection needs.

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I received an appointment letter from the Refugee Reception Office (RRO) in Gqeberha. Can I use the same letter for an interview in the Cape Town RRO?

Yes, you should be able to get an interview in the new Cape Town RRO in Epping using this letter.

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How can I renew my asylum seeker status online?

Email the refugee reception office where your last extension was made.

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Is it possible for Zimbabwean asylum seekers to apply for South African IDs during lockdown?

No, only South Africans can apply for SA identity documents. Here is how to renew your asylum permit online.

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Can I renew my asylum permit online?

Home Affairs online asylum renewal process has not yet started.

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What is the asylum application procedure?

You need to apply at the nearest Refugee Reception Office, but all the offices are closed during lockdown.

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Has Home Affairs said anything regarding the Angolan Special Permit due to expire at the end of 2021?

Unfortunately not. You may want to reach out to Scalabrini.

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Can refugee matriculants renew their permits and apply for ID this year (2021)?

Asylum/refugee status has been renewed up to 31 March 2021. You can apply for an ID.

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Can graduates in the critical skills category receive a waiver from having to work for 5 years before applying for Permanent Residence?

Yes, if you have graduated from a South African university.

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How can I formalise my marriage as an asylum seeker in South Africa?

You might need legal assistance

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