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How can I get SASSA to give me my late mother's last payout without her burial papers?

Go to the funeral parlour and ask for a copy of your invoice or receipt.

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Can SASSA reclaim grant money now that I earn more than the qualifying amount?

SASSA can demand repayment for the period that your income exceeded the qualifying amount.

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My domestic worker wants to claim UIF but I have never made a UIF payment. What do I do?

You can pay arrears to the UIF for the years you did not contribute.

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What is the maximum amount of additional income that I can earn without jeopardising my disability grant?

You may not earn more than R172,560 (R14,380 per month) jointly, if you are married.

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How can I make SASSA pay for December and January instead of paying double in January?

You can either contact SASSA's helpline or request paralegal assistance.

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I got a job after receiving the R350 Covid-19 social relief grant. What must I do?

You are required to inform Sassa of this change.

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Will my son who has Down's Syndrome qualify for a state disability grant, and will I be means tested?

He will be eligible and you will be means tested

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Why is SASSA demanding my late husband's death certificate when he died twenty years ago?

SASSA needs proof, but Home Affairs should help you.

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Can my mother get UIF and SASSA pensions at the same time?

Yes, but that might not be in your mother's best interests.

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Can a South African old age grant be paid out if the grantee is overseas?

You must ask SASSA

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