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ZimBollar: A guide to Zimbabwe’s black market

In only two months an anonymous Twitter account has grown to over 21,000 followers


News | 18 October 2018

Is Zimbabwe’s killings inquiry credible?

Critics fear Mnangagwa’s aim is to pin blame on opposition leaders


Opinion | 9 October 2018

Asylum seekers say officials keep their passports until they buy tickets to Zimbabwe

But bus ticket operators will usually not issue a cross-border ticket if the passenger does not show a passport


News | 21 September 2018

Immigrant finds her feet selling shoes

Melania sells second-hand footwear smuggled from Mozambique


News | 24 March 2017

Child petrol smugglers spend their money on computer games

Mozambican children ferry petrol in canoes to Zimbabwe and spend their earnings in internet cafés


News | 9 March 2017

Home Affairs sued over sex description

Three transgender women and their spouses seek to compel Home Affairs to amend the national population register, their birth certificates, and issue new IDs.


Brief | 23 February 2017

For R5,000, sangoma will pray for an informal miner’s safety

Traditional doctor has struck gold with the fears of miners

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News | 23 February 2017

Workers told to eat and change under a tree

Labour department issues compliance order against Northern Cape company

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News | 3 February 2017

Retrenched AngloGold miner battles to repay labour broker

NUM says it will fight dismissals in Labour Court


News | 23 January 2017

Campaign collects names of murdered sex workers

Unsolved cases collect  dust in police files, says activist


Brief | 8 December 2016

Passengers shoved into the wrong coaches in Newtown bus war

Mayhem as touts jostle for Zimbabwe-bound trade


News | 30 November 2016

Six years on and no sign of police investigation into missing man

Gift Mutsumba disappeared one night in 2010 and has not been heard from since


News | 29 November 2016

Sepedi singer and his homeless Afrikaans helpers

"Rare unity, rare trust," says the performer


Brief | 22 November 2016

Refugee sleeps better selling pillows

Tafadzwa Mukwayo makes pillows out of recycled material, and sells them


News | 14 November 2016

Zimbabwe domestic workers’ secret Wi-Fi sales

Thandi sells bandwidth while "Madam" is at work


Feature | 10 November 2016

Grieving relatives demand Qedani Mahlangu’s resignation

Dozens protest outside Gauteng health department's offices over deaths following closure of Life Esidimeni

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News | 27 October 2016