sex work

Mothers’ Day for sex workers

Mothers for the Future is a programme that supports mothers who are sex workers


News | 6 May 2016

Health Department to release sex work plan on Friday

But it is unlikely to include provision to decriminalise the trade


Brief | 8 March 2016

“What would you do if your sister was a sex worker?”

Sex workers explain to the public why their profession should not be a crime


News | 3 March 2016

New delay in sex worker murder trial

Trial of artist Mthethwa postponed again


News | 3 February 2016

“The police & I”: a sex worker’s story

Richard is a 38-year-old, gay male sex worker. He was born in East London and has been based in Cape Town since 1999. He has been in “the business” (the sex work industry) for over 20 years.

Jonathan Dockney

News | 6 August 2013