Glebelands trial

Glebelands Eight trial: Hitmen handed life sentences

Judge Chili said that the group operated as a “law unto themselves”


Brief | 17 February 2023

Glebelands murder trial: Witness describes mistrust of Umlazi police

One victim was murdered at a police station


News | 6 November 2020

Glebelands: Witness places four accused at murder scenes

“As they were following him, a gunshot went off”


Law | 14 October 2020

Glebelands witness says accused showed him photos of victims

Defence lawyer accuses witness of trying to escape his own prosecution


News | 9 October 2020

Glebelands Eight: witness describes murder plot

Trial resumes in Pietermaritzburg High Court after lockdown delay


News | 6 October 2020

Glebelands Eight trial postponed to October

Accused to remain in prison due to lockdown restrictions


Brief | 19 May 2020

Glebelands Eight Trial: Witness says R160,000 raised for hitman

William Mthembu and Thokozani Machi, known as the “big fishes” at Glebelands hostel, were murdered in 2015


News | 20 March 2020

Glebelands witness denies involvement in murder

Trial adjourned to next year


Law | 20 September 2019

Glebelands: blood on an oil bottle shows accused was at murder scene

Blood sample identifies Bhekukwazi Mdweshu


News | 18 September 2019

Witness tells of plan to murder competitor at Glebelands hostel

He also describes murder of Siniko Ncayiyana


News | 17 September 2019

Glebelands: Witness testifies how he took part in attempted murder

Later he signed a peace treaty with the hostel dwellers


Law | 13 September 2019

Glebelands: witness tells how “protection” money was collected from hostel residents

Some of the money was used for “intelezi”


Law | 12 September 2019

Glebelands murders: Accused “celebrated” the killings, says witness

Hostel residents who refused to pay money were killed


News | 11 September 2019

Witness describes purchase of AK47s with Glebelands residents’ money

I was afraid to report killings to the police, he says


News | 10 September 2019