In photos: Pringle Bay on fire

Firefighters are battling to contain the blaze which has entered its third day


Photo Essay | 31 January 2024

More than 100 homes destroyed in Philippi weekend blaze

No fatalities but 362 people left to rebuild from the ashes


Brief | 4 December 2023

Protest by people left homeless by Durban fire

Human settlements MEC promised them building materials


Brief | 22 November 2023

Hundreds homeless after shack fire rips through Durban settlement

MEC for Human Settlements promises to fast-track assistance


Brief | 17 November 2023

Fire victims sleep outside to protect their plots

“We sleep with our kids on our plots because we don’t want other residents to build their own shacks on them”


Brief | 3 November 2023

Two dead in two shack fires since Friday in Dunoon

About 50 structures destroyed leaving 200 people homeless


Brief | 1 November 2023

Two die and hundreds left homeless by Khayelitsha fire

Frustrated victims then occupied vacant land nearby


News | 30 October 2023

Transit camp for fire victims burns down in Durban

60 families left homeless after a fire in Foreman informal settlement on Sunday


Brief | 10 October 2023

Three people die in shack fire in Joe Slovo Park

73 people left homeless by the blaze on Saturday night


Brief | 19 September 2023

51 people homeless after fire in Dunoon

“My whole life was in that shack”


Brief | 12 September 2023

Loved ones who perished in the Joburg building fire

We spoke to surviving relatives at the Hofland Community Centre shelter


News | 8 September 2023

Fire safety review in Cape Town buildings after tragic Johannesburg fire

Ndifuna Ukwazi and Reclaim the City plan to strengthen fire safety protocols in two buildings occupied by activists


Brief | 6 September 2023

Residents of Johannesburg’s “dark buildings” fear for their lives after deadly fire

Fires are a constant threat for people living in dilapidated buildings without electricity


News | 4 September 2023

Survivors of horrific Joburg building fire tell their stories

“I tried to go back to find my wife but the entrance was on fire”


News | 31 August 2023

NGOs respond to being blamed for Johannesburg fire

They say they make sure the law is upheld, while the City of Johannesburg has failed to provide alternative accommodation for evicted people


News | 31 August 2023

Johannesburg fire: photos and interviews with an eye witness and rescuer

Death toll now 73 and expected to rise


Photo Essay | 31 August 2023