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Can graduates in the critical skills category receive a waiver from having to work for 5 years before applying for Permanent Residence?

Yes, if you have graduated from a South African university.

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Why did Home Affairs deny my youngest child citizenship?

Children born after October 2014 will need a visa from Home Affairs.

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I can't open a bank account because I have a Visitor's Visa. What must I do?

You can get an endorsement on your spousal visa. Here's how.

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Which documents do I need to claim UIF as an asylum seeker?

Here's the different ways to assist you.

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How can I add my 6 month-old daughter born in Zimbabwe to my permit?

You need an “accompanying visa”, which must be applied for in Zimbabwe

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Why am I only being granted six-month permits to stay in South Africa and why am I not being granted citizenship?

It's complicated, but there are things you could try

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I live in South Africa illegally but I have a five-year-old child that is a South African citizen. What can I do to secure my status?

You should qualify for a spousal visa, but you will probably need legal help

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Can I get papers to remain in South Africa if my child is a citizen?

No, but you can apply for two kinds of visa

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My fiancé and I have been waiting for four months to get his visiting visa approved by the High Commission in Nigeria. What can we do?

South Africa's High Commission in Nigeria is over-burdened. You many have to engage the services of a lawyer.

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Can I be refused a spousal visa to South Africa because I am HIV-positive?

No, you should not be refused a visa because of your HIV-positive.

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