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How can ordinary citizens hold our municipalities accountable for their actions (or lack thereof)?

There are processes in place for this, but it is usually more effective to organise as a community.

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What happens if the seller of a house dies before the transfer has taken place?

The transfer process is halted and the estate of the deceased seller must be reported.

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Can a seller reclaim the house if the buyer has not paid for it but has the title deed?

If a buyer breaches the sale agreement, the seller can take them to court.

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Can a rental officer stop us from living in the house that our deceased relative rented since 1993?

Depending on her reasoning, you may need to report her to the Housing Department.

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What is a letter of authority and how can I get one?

The Master of the High Court issues a letter of authority to whoever was nominated to administer a deceased's estate.

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How can I apply for a business permit or permanent residence, and how can I register my business?

You can apply for permanent residence on other grounds, like business. The process is described below.

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