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Almost 4,000 households still to be moved off Cape Town railway land

While plans for temporary relocation of 891 households occupying the Central Line are making progress, thousands of households remain on the railway

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News | 12 October 2023

Extortion rings prey on poor communities

An owner of a fruit and vegetable stall in Philippi says he must pay a gang R500 a month not to rob him


News | 4 October 2023

Conflict over land for rail line occupiers

Traditional leaders say the land is used for Xhosa initiation rituals


News | 3 October 2023

Children frolic in flood water as only pool in Brown’s Farm remains closed

The pool in Philippi has been closed since August when it was vandalised during the taxi protests


Brief | 29 September 2023

Commuters struggle with transport costs as Metrorail central line remains closed

Some workers are spending half their wage to commute because trains aren’t running


News | 26 September 2023

It took six years for the court to convict a man for raping his foster child

The serial rapist first appeared in the Khayelitsha Magistrates’ Court in 2017 but was only convicted in August


News | 4 September 2023

Cape Town lawyer back on trial for malicious damage to property

Charges against attorney Gary Trappler have been reinstated after CCTV footage came to light


Brief | 28 August 2023

Philippi residents roll up sleeves to clean looted library and community hall

“The people behind these attacks need to realise that they are depriving their own communities of vital services” says clean-up volunteer


Brief | 14 August 2023

Taxi strike: Women march to demand end to violence and looting

Philippi marchers call for City of Cape Town to use its CCTV cameras to bring the perpetrators of crimes committed this week to book


Brief | 10 August 2023

Taxi strike: Townships endure severe shortages and price hikes

“Bakeries are no longer distributing bread because it is not safe in the townships.”


News | 10 August 2023

Philippi library closes after robbery and vandalism

“Why vandalise a library that your sister, brother and child needs?” asks ward councillor


News | 8 August 2023

Taxi drivers chase school children in day of violence in Cape Town

Truck driver describes his narrow escape after his vehicle was torched by mob

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News | 7 August 2023

Lives of poor and working class people upended by violent taxi strike

“Ordinary people like me are the ones suffering” says patient as clinic services impacted by taxi strike

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News | 4 August 2023