Articles for Nicholas Ashby

Alarm over proposed changes to Meat Safety Act

Legislative amendments would include most animals as meat products


News | 15 May 2020

Fire victims in Imizamo Yethu wait to be reunited with their pets

Animal welfare group says City has let them down


News | 7 April 2017

Putting the horse before the cart

Cart horses depend for their welfare on their drivers and owners, and the grooms and farriers that help them

Text and all photos by Nicholas Ashby.

Feature | 10 November 2016

Hangberg’s dog rescuer

Up in the cramped Hout Bay district of Hangberg, Shaygam Newman lives on the edge with a dream - to develop the refuge he maintains for dogs and cats


Photo Essay | 8 June 2016

Braaing on Heritage Day: you may want to ask how that beef got to your plate

You probably wouldn't sprinkle antibiotics like sugar all over your breakfast cereal every morning, even if you were sick. There is, though, a good chance that you are in effect doing something similar today on Heritage Day. The steaks you are braaing, or the chicken being grilled is likely to contain traces of antibiotics.

Nicholas Ashby

Opinion | 24 September 2014

The Warongx of Khayelitsha

Despite the positive role Khayelitsha band Warongx and their Khayelitsha Music Academy play in the community, official and formal support for them is largely absent.

Nicholas Ashby

News | 4 September 2014