In photos: Zimbabwe’s “second independence day”

Jubilation in streets of Harare, but a new age of freedom is far from assured

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Photo of large protest in Harare
Thousands of people participated in the protests in Harare on Saturday

Thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets to lend their voices to growing calls for the removal of President Robert Mugabe on Saturday. Emboldened by the actions of the military who have effectively seized control from Mugabe, residents gathered at various points in the cities of Harare and Bulawayo. The notorious police who normally violently suppress any sort of protest were nowhere to be seen. In Harare the mood was one of celebration as people cheered and waved at military convoys that passed through the marching crowds.

  • In the city centre from early on Saturday morning protesters jumped on cars and hanged out of taxi windows waving placards calling for the removal of Mugabe.
  • At the Zimbabwe Grounds some men climbed a soccer goal post and waved the Zimbabwean flag.
  • Many protesters thanked the Zimbabwe Defense Force for the coup.
  • An anti-Mugabe protester adds some tree leaves to his hat as the protesters get ready to move to the State House.
  • People raise their hands in prayer at the Zimbabwe Grounds.
  • Some protesters decided to climb tree’s to get a better view of the proceedings at the Zimbabwe Grounds.
  • There were many signs calling for the removal of the world's oldest head of state.

After departing from their various starting points protesters decided to make their way to the State House but were prevented from proceeding further down the road by soldiers wielding machine guns. There was no conflict between protesters and soldiers who gently guided protesters into the streets surrounding the State House.

People continued flocking into the streets as many feel that the tide has turned against the man who has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years. Many referred to the day of protest as their second independence day.

For a sober view of what’s happening in Zimbabwe, we recommend: Zimbabwe’s Military Coup in Perspective by Leon Hartwell.

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