Robert Mugabe

“The list of Mugabe’s crimes is endless”

GroundUp’s Zimbabwean reporters write about what Robert Mugabe meant to them

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News | 6 September 2019

Robert Mugabe resigns

Celebration in the streets of Harare


Photo Essay | 21 November 2017

Students shut down University of Zimbabwe

They call for President Robert Mugabe and Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura to step down


News | 20 November 2017

Zimbabweans look forward to post-Mugabe era

But frustration as president fails to resign


News | 20 November 2017

In photos: Zimbabwe’s “second independence day”

Jubilation in streets of Harare, but a new age of freedom is far from assured


Photo Essay | 19 November 2017

Thousands march against Mugabe in Harare

“He lost the plot and should just go. Enough is enough.”


News | 18 November 2017

What Zimbabwe’s coup looked like

An eye-witness account from Harare


News | 16 November 2017

Harare “mega” protest flops because of fear and feuds

Heavy police presence mutes protest aimed at Mugabe government


News | 18 November 2016

Dodging teargas in Zimbabwe’s riot-torn capital

Throw your stilettos at police, urges WhatsApp message


News | 31 August 2016

Zimbabwe is desperate - an eyewitness account

Mugabe has failed us


Opinion | 19 August 2016

What now for Zimbabweans?

89-year-old President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980, is set to lead the country for yet another five years.

Tariro Washinyira, Mpho Mabhena and GroundUp Staff

News | 6 August 2013