Activists call on government to declare TB a national health crisis

Though TB is preventable and treatable, more than 50,000 people died of it in South Africa in 2022


Brief | 20 March 2024

Life-saving TB drug is now cheaper in South Africa, but not as cheap as it can be

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to drop the price of bedaquiline to the South African government by more than 40%


News | 27 October 2023

Court ruling means that pharmacists can prescribe to people with HIV

Specially trained pharmacists will be allowed to manage and prescribe medicine to patients with HIV and/or tuberculosis


Law | 15 August 2023

This vaccine could save tens of thousands of South African lives each year, but we’ll only see it in 2030

Vaccines against TB are much slower to develop than Covid ones


Science | 9 May 2022

Hundreds march to Union Buildings over health system corruption

Protesters speak of ignorance and bigotry from clinic staff


News | 19 October 2021

We followed community health worker Katrina Jacobs for a day. It’s incredible what she does

She is one of thousands providing essential care across the country


Feature | 21 August 2020

Staff picket over plan to convert TB hospital to treat Covid-19

Emergency medical services and unions say personal protective equipment is in short supply


Brief | 8 May 2020

Cape Town’s children seem to be getting healthier

Cases of diarrhoea and malnutrition have dropped


News | 11 July 2019

South African researchers develop quicker way to detect drug resistance

Local man develops resistance to new TB medicine despite good adherence


Science | 10 July 2019

International tuberculosis commission praises SA government’s increased investment

TB killed 1.6 million people worldwide in 2017


News | 1 April 2019

New tuberculosis vaccine raises hopes

But one more large trial is needed, says TB activist


Brief | 28 September 2018

How do we prevent South Africans from getting sick with TB?

Part three of a three-part series on a neglected disease that kills over a hundred thousand South Africans every year


Feature | 22 May 2018

TB research is underfunded but new medicines are on their way

Part two of a three part series on a neglected disease that kills over a hundred thousand South Africans every year


Feature | 17 May 2018

Why do so many South Africans die of TB?

Part one of a three part series on a neglected disease which kills over 100,000 South Africans every year


Feature | 16 May 2018

Former Aids council head criticises government plan

But Fareed Abdullah says it is not too late to improve it


News | 17 June 2017

Aids Council responds to corruption allegations

Civil society organisations called “malicious”


News | 15 June 2017