Sanitation in the streets

Under a hail of criticism, the City is making attempts at sanitation improvements in the informal settlements. On June 25, 300 people took to the streets in a protest demanding faster action. This photo story looks at sanitation in Makhaza, Khayelitsha.

Amelia Earnest

News | 26 June 2013

Activists to De Lille: Give us toilet plan in two weeks

More than 300 people marched in the Cape Town city centre today to demand better sanitation in informal settlements.

Pharie Sefali

News | 25 June 2013

Toilets: What’s all the flush about? A GroundUp Q&A

Shit is at the centre of Cape Town's recent political conflict. Today the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is marching to the Mayor's office and the Human Rights Commission to demand improvements to the City's sanitation programme. But what is it all about? With so many players and issues within issues as well as poo being thrown at politicians, it's understandable if you're confused. So here is a simple Q&A that tries to explain Cape Town's sanitation battles.

Amelia Earnest

News | 25 June 2013

Heading for the 2014 (E)lection

E-tolling, excrement and expanded public works. Apart from starting with the letter โ€œEโ€ they appear at first sight to have nothing in common. But with the country heading toward what promises to be a bitterly contested election in April or May next year, they are not only linked, they are likely to be major campaigning features.

Terry Bell

Opinion | 24 June 2013

Portable flush toilets: What are they and why the fuss?

The public spats over portable toilets have been at the forefront of the news. But what exactly are portable toilets? How do they work? What is good and what is bad about them?

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 12 June 2013

Mayor and SJC clash over toilet facts

Mayor Patricia de Lille held a press conference today to address an unfavourable audit by the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) about the quality of the City's sanitation services in Khayelitsha.

Amelia Earnest

News | 5 June 2013

Battle over Barcelona’s Buckets

Residents of Barcelona informal settlement are living a sanitation nightmare. The company contracted to remove the bucket toilets, Sannicare, has been hit by industrial action and no resolution is in sight.

GroundUp Staff with assistance from Tebello Mzamoand Fergus Turner

News | 29 May 2013

Activist group accuses City of failing to monitor toilet contracts

On 27 April the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) held a meeting in Khayelitsha to report the results of an audit of toilets provided by a supplier contracted to the City of Cape Town. On 10 May the SJC released a written report of the audit's findings.

Fergus Turner

News | 16 May 2013

Responding to criticism

The Democratic Alliance markets itself as an efficient and un-corrupt alternative to the ANC. It never hesitates to point out serious service delivery failures by the ANC. So it is interesting to see its responses to the Social Justice Coalition's criticisms of the City of Cape Town's handling of a major toilet supply contract in Khayelitsha.

Nathan Geffen

News | 30 April 2013

Khayelitsha toilet contractors not delivering

"The toilets are not very good. They are unstable and fall over a lot," says Nomtheto Ndzime, a Khayelitsha resident, about the toilets provided by the City of Cape Town.

Fergus Turner

News | 30 April 2013

Joe Slovo High School toilets still broken

Nearly a year since we told the story of the state of toilets at Joe Slovo High School in Khayelitsha, the toilets remain broken.

Nokubonga Yawa

News | 24 April 2013

Rats, that’s not funny: Khayelitsha child bitten by rat

When Premier Helen Zille was bitten by a rat last week, her spokesperson was quoted saying, โ€œI know the City Bowl rats are mutant freaks of nature but if theyโ€™re starting to take nibbles out of people, weโ€™re in trouble." However, as this story of a Khayelitsha baby bitten by a rat shows, in some parts of the City, rats are no laughing matter and rats "taking nibbles out of people" are not that unusual.

Mary-Jane Matsolo

News | 27 March 2013

Toilet mess in Khayelitsha - SJC demands service delivery contracts

The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is demanding access to information on service delivery agreements in Khayelitsha.This follows the breakdown of some outdoor toilets which the organisation fears is a result of the service delivery organisation contracted by the City failing to do its job.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 20 March 2013

Khayelitsha’s rat problem: City’s dumps rubbish next to shacks

Khayelitsha residents have to contend with rat infestations as a result of a City dumping container.

Mary-Jane Matsolo

News | 20 February 2013

Patients without toilets at Tygerberg Hospital

Patients and visitors to one of the Western Cape's biggest referral hospitals, Tygerberg, were recently stranded as most of the toilets especially on the Ground floor and 6th floor were not working and locked. It was extremely difficult to find a toilet to relieve yourself.

Tariro Washinyira

News | 12 December 2012

Du Noon residents complain about flies and smells from toilet cleaning service

Mandla Mncayi lives in Du Noon in Cape Town. He lives in an RDP house and is a street committee member. Mncayi is, like many residents in his area, fed up with the way mobile toilets are collected in his area, which is called Site 5.

Nokubonga Yawa

Brief | 10 October 2012