More civil society voices call for action by PRASA

“The biggest problem is corruption”


Brief | 20 October 2017

Video: Watch what happens when trains are delayed

The breakdown of Metrorail’s service is endangering lives


Video | 20 October 2017

MPs grill regulator over train safety

But the Railway Safety Regulator’s answers are thin


Parliament | 19 October 2017

PRASA says it’s on top of security problems

But a key claim of the railway company doesn’t match reality

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News | 16 October 2017

City of Cape Town intends to take over commuter trains

Metrorail service “on the brink of collapse”


Brief | 10 October 2017

Everything’s just fine, say Railway Police in response to damning PRASA letter

Cop spokesperson says they are not aware of any dissatisfaction


Brief | 10 October 2017

Exclusive: Damning letter from PRASA manager describes railway security meltdown

Railway police sit in first class carriages instead of patrolling trains and stations


News | 5 October 2017

UDF veterans give Abrahams one day to freeze assets in PRASA case

“We are expecting Mr Shaun Abrahams to wake up”


Brief | 4 October 2017

Parliament hears how PRASA is going off the rails

“The more trains that are burnt and vandalised, the less we can operate.”


Parliament | 31 August 2017

Metrorail’s smashing relationship with cars

“It will be fixed” says Metrorail – but it’s not clear when


News | 12 July 2017

What it’s like when Metrorail fails

Which happens almost daily


Brief | 11 July 2017

We asked Metrorail what it is doing to improve service

The answers leave little room for optimism


News | 23 June 2017

Cable theft blamed for Metrorail failure

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport appeals to commuters not to burn trains

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Brief | 13 June 2017

Mopping up at Cape Town station

More Metrorail delays on Tuesday morning


Brief | 13 June 2017

Cape Town’s bursting trains

Commuters complain of overcrowded and delays


News | 18 May 2017

Will Metrorail users have to wait 17 years for decent service?

Service is getting worse, but Prasa promises to get it working … by 2034

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News | 22 February 2017