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Cape Town’s railway occupiers are being moved but there are snags with water and sanitation supply

Some people occupying the Central Line are now refusing to be moved until service issues are resolved


News | 14 December 2023

Pietermaritzburg station opens but train delayed 10 hours

Passenger rail services were suspended at the station in 2021 due to vandalism and theft


News | 12 December 2023

Metrorail shack dwellers moved, but to a place without toilets or water

First families moved off Central Line railway tracks


News | 8 December 2023

Trains to return to Stellenbosch by year end, says Metrorail

Residents struggling to pay for alternative transport look forward to the return of rail services


News | 5 December 2023

Mitchells Plain residents refuse to accept Langa rail occupiers as neighbours

“Try to understand our plight and our current living conditions” says Langa rail occupier


News | 9 November 2023

How to steal a railway line and stay out of jail

Legal manoeuvres have stalled the case against former PRASA acting CEO Mthuthuzeli Swartz and businessman Syed Mohiudeen


Feature | 8 November 2023

Scathing court order against PRASA over passenger safety

The passenger rail agency has until end of November to report back on the status of a new tender process for security contracts


Law | 6 November 2023

Criminal case against former PRASA director kicked down the tracks – again

Mthuthuzeli Swartz was arrested for the sale of 42km of railway line in January 2019


News | 27 October 2023

One train a day for Eastern Cape commuters

Since Monday you can now leave Kariega for Gqeberha by train at 6:15am and take the return trip at 5:15pm


Brief | 20 October 2023

This is where people are occupying Metrorail’s Central Line in Cape Town

There are about 4,000 households occupying the line between Nyanga and Philippi, according to the Housing Development Agency

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Feature | 20 October 2023

The Lottery: A South African good news story

Will there also be a good news story about Metrorail?


GroundView | 19 October 2023

Almost 4,000 households still to be moved off Cape Town railway land

While plans for temporary relocation of 891 households occupying the Central Line are making progress, thousands of households remain on the railway

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News | 12 October 2023

#UniteBehind takes PRASA and transport minister to court

The organisation argues the state has a statutory and constitutional duty to devolve rail to the City of Cape Town


Law | 11 October 2023

Conflict over land for rail line occupiers

Traditional leaders say the land is used for Xhosa initiation rituals


News | 3 October 2023

Commuters struggle with transport costs as Metrorail central line remains closed

Some workers are spending half their wage to commute because trains aren’t running


News | 26 September 2023

Protesters end three-day fast outside Parliament

Activists are demanding Parliament take action against Sfiso Buthelezi over allegations of corruption when he was chairperson of PRASA


Brief | 22 September 2023