Antimicrobial resistance

I beat an antibiotic resistant infection - but only just

Antibiotic resistance is not an abstract problem. It’s deadly and we can all do more to fix it


Feature | 24 February 2022

Less talk, more action: South Africa’s failing response to the antibiotic resistance pandemic

Our government’s report card reads: “Must do better”

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Science | 10 February 2022

What can you do to reduce the risk of getting an antibiotic-resistant infection?

Part four in our series on antibiotic resistance


Science | 3 February 2022

The widespread misuse of antibiotics in humans, animals and the environment must stop

I know of many cases where employers will not allow sick leave without employees having antibiotics to show for it


Science | 31 January 2022

Why the “war” against bacteria is the wrong strategy

Part two in a series on antibiotic resistance


Science | 27 January 2022

There’s another pandemic we should be focused on: antibiotic-resistant infections

Millions of people are now dying every year because of bad practices and South Africa is one of the worst culprits


Science | 25 January 2022