Khoisan occupation in Grabouw is no longer our problem, says forestry department

The settlement called Knoflokskraal is to be managed by departments of Public Works and COGTA


Brief | 18 April 2023

Khoisan settlement faces eviction from prime forestry land

Some Knoflokskraal residents want to negotiate with government for the land to be given to them


News | 12 September 2022

Plan to create “Khoisan Orania” in Grabouw

Western Cape High Court to decide fate of Knoflokskraal

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Feature | 3 June 2022

Equality Court won’t hear Oak Valley case

Judge says private employers are under no duty to provide accommodation to employees


Brief | 25 November 2019

Elderly farm workers face eviction

Some have worked on the Grabouw farm for more than 35 years


News | 22 November 2016

Grabouw: “We are sitting here, lost”

Siyanyanzela residents face uncertain future

Text by Mary-Anne Gontsana and Stephanie Kelly. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks.

Feature | 17 May 2016