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Where can I get a PTO certificate for my rural stand?

You need to approach the traditional leader in the area where you live.

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We have been told that the tribal authority did not have the right to sell land to us. What will happen to us?

Even if an eviction order is granted, you cannot be evicted until after lockdown. You may need legal assistance if you want to be recompensated.

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How can my friend transfer his Permission to Occupy to my name?

A PTO cannot be transferred because it is not a title deed.

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How can we protect empty municipal land from illegal occupiers? The municipality won't sell to us.

You need to contact the municipality to ask why they wouldn't sell. Otherwise call the MEC for Housing.

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We bought municipal land but don't have a title deed. What can we do?

Title deeds are the only legal proof of ownership. Talk to the municipality from which the land was purchased.

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I was awarded an erf 18 years ago but didn’t know about it. What should I do?

The municipality should still have records of awards of land made in 2002/3

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How can I transfer ownership of a plot I bought?

You need to consult with a conveyancing attorney

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How can my church retain its registration of a site under a new name?

The existing title needs to be cancelled

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How do I go about buying municipal land in a township to develop and rent out to students?

There are several different ways of buying municipal land.

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