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Who can assist me to obtain a Permission to Occupy (PTO) certificate?

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Your municipal manager ought to know, otherwise ask the MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Dear Athalie

I reside in a village that falls within the Mogalakwena municipality in Limpopo. Our village does not fall under the jurisdiction of the tribal authorities, yet the municipality does not seem to know who should issue PTOs for land within the village. 

I have fenced off about a hectare of land for agriculture but I'm not comfortable spending money on a borehole and developing the land without a PTO document.

The long answer

I’m sorry to say that in spite of much searching, I too have not been able to establish anything about the issuing of PTO certificates by the Mogalakwena municipality. The only information available is the name of the municipal manager, who might be expected to know the answer.

Since the last manager was suspended, there is an acting municipal manager whose contact details are:

Mr Puledi Selepe

54 Retief Street,


Tel: 015 491 9600

The MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development, who should also know who issues PTO certificates in Witrivier, is Ms Nandi Ndalane.

Postal address: Private Bag X9489, Polokwane, 0700.

Telephone:015 293 8523

If these officials are hard to contact or unhelpful, you could ask the regional Black Sash office for assistance. They provide free paralegal advice. 

The person who represents Gauteng, North West and Limpopo, is Thandiwe Zulu, based in Johannesburg.

Telephone: 011 834 8361

You can also contact the Black Sash helpline at 072 663 3739


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Answered on Dec. 3, 2021, 4:49 p.m.

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