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Why is SASSA not sending me an ID verification link?

The short answer

It could be that they are struggling to verify your identity because you have a green ID book and your photo is not clear enough.

The whole question

Dear Grethen

I have been trying to verify my identity with SASSA so that I can collect my R370 SRD grant but I have been waiting for a week now and still haven't received the link. I have requested it several times. I visited Home Affairs, got the HANIS (Home Affairs National Identification System) report, and they gave me a copy of my ID, which I emailed to SASSA, but I still have no response from them.

The long answer

SASSA’s new facial recognition ID verification process has caused a lot of panic among R370 SRD grant recipients. This process was introduced to fight fraud and relies on smart ID cards to verify recipients' identities, through Home Affairs. That said, SASSA told GroundUp that “it’s not essential to have a smart ID”, but that your verification is more likely to be unsuccessful if you have the old green ID book because the photos aren’t clear enough.  

If you don't have a smart ID, you can apply for one in person at a Home Affairs office or online (we explain how to do that here: If you don’t succeed with the Home Affairs online application, you can contact the Home Affairs Call Centre at 0800 60 11 90 or email them at and ask for help.

Home Affairs says, “The Smart ID Card will be issued free to the 16-year-olds who are first time applicants. All other Smart ID Card applicants will be expected to pay R140.” 

The problem is that Home Affairs is overwhelmed by applications and is taking long to process everything, so it’s possible you might not have your ID by the next grant payment date, I’m afraid. It could be helpful to contact the Home Affairs Call Centre and explain that you need to get your ID sooner so that you can get your grant. 

So unfortunately it's up to you to keep following up with SASSA. Here are their details:
Head office: 012 400 2322
Hotline: 0800 601 011

Keep track of everyone you speak to, what they say and what date you spoke to them in case you need to escalate the matter. 

If you have tried all of the above and are still stuck, you can contact one of the organisations below:




The Black Sash

Tel (national office): 021 686 6952


Wishing you the best,

Answered on July 3, 2024, 2:06 p.m.

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